Neptun Apartments – Naptun Apartments with its registered office in Gdańsk, being a party to the apartment rental agreement for a holiday or tourist stay with the Customer - referred to in these regulations.

Client - a natural or legal person who is a party to a contract for temporary use of a dwelling (lease contract for a holiday or tourist stay) which is at the disposal of Naptun Apartments

Apartment - a dwelling, described in detail in the offer presented on the website Neptun Apartments, AIRbnb or, which the customer rents for a temporary stay for recreational or tourist purposes.

1.The stay in the apartment starts from 15.00 on the first day of the reserved period. The Customer is obliged to collect the Apartment from the representative ... at the time set by the Parties at the Neptun Apartments office, the Customer is obliged to check the technical condition of the apartment and notify the office about any defects or shortages within one hour from the check-in. Lack of contact with office staff in the above time means acceptance of the technical condition, cleanliness and equipment of the apartment. The office is open from 9.00am - 7.00pm in Gdańsk, ul. Wypoczynkowa Street 34a/35

Accommodation and check-out outside the office opening hours are subject to an additional fee of PLN 100 (arrivals between 06:00 pm and 08:00pm).

In order to secure any claims for damages, Neptune Apartments have the right to collect a deposit from the Customer at the time of the Customer's acceptance of the Apartment. The deposit is interest-free and refundable at the end of the stay of the Customer, at the time of handing over the keys to the Apartment, provided that the apartment and its equipment are returned intact. In the event of damages in the premises exceeding the value of the deposit, the Customer undertakes to cover the costs resulting from this.

2.The end of the stay is from 9:00 am to 11:00 am on the last day of the booked date. From 9.00 am to 11.00 am, the customer is obliged to return the keys to the Neptun Apartments representative.

3.The Customer is obliged to comply with the quiet hours, health and safety rules and object fire protection. From 10:00pm to 06:00 am, all behavior disturbing the rest of the residents of the building is forbidden. Violation of this item will result in the Customer being charged PLN 200.

4.The Customer undertakes to operate the Apartment in accordance with its intended purpose, not removing any elements of its equipment and decorations from the Apartment, as well as undertakes not to copy the keys to the Apartment that were given to him during the stay.

5.Smoking in apartments is prohibited. A customer who fails to comply with this prohibition will be charged a fee of PLN 400, which is equivalent to the cost of washing the curtains and the markup in the apartment.

6.It is absolutely forbidden to bring flammable and pyrotechnical materials in the apartment. For breaking this prohibition, the Customer will be charged with a fine of PLN 1000.

7.The Customer is obliged to secure the Apartment each time it is left, closing the windows and the key door and having a careful watch over the key.

8.The Customer undertakes to ensure that the number of people staying with him in the Suite does not exceed the one that was specified as maximum in the catalog, on the website or in the booking form.

9.For the loss of keys to the apartment, the Customer will be charged a fee of PLN 200.

10.The Customer undertakes not to keep the animals in the Suite (unless agreed otherwise with the Neptun Apartments booking office).

11.In the case of aggressive or hooligan behavior of the Client or persons accompanying him or a gross violation of the rules of the Neptun Apartments, he has the right to withdraw from the contract with immediate effect and remove the Client along with people accompanying him from the apartment assisted by the Police.

12.During the stay in the apartment, the customer has the right to report any comments and wishes to the phone number +48 574178777 +48 574378777 between 9:00 - 19:00

13.In the event of any damage or deficiencies in the equipment of the apartment after the Client's stay, Neptun Apartments has the right to charge a fee according to the price list of equipment being an integral part of the regulations.

The customer declares that he has read the regulations and accepts them.